Seeds of Recovery : The UK Tour


Inspired Youth and CRI Peer Mentors take the campaign on the road!

Here is the compilation of the full UK Tour in 2013.

Thanks to all those who took the chance to get involved!

You can see the individual tour videos here Tour Videos

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Showcase Smash!


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The Campaign Launch day arrived as the group of volunteers who were behind the campaign got ready to smash their presentations at the CRI Staff Conference for the North & Midlands in Manchester. Over 300 delegates gathered for the day of celebration and our guys delivered one of the day’s highlights. The group joined forces with Paul Hayley and Mark Pryke from CRI and Damian Grainer from Emerging Horizons to deliver two packed workshops with standing room only. They presented their films and campaign artwork to the audience and inspired rapturous applause for their work. Finally they were presented with their OCN Qualifications by Lucy Harrison, CRI Assistant Director. Proud moments!

Final Post-Production


We are in the final stages of post-production now and behind the scenes the intensity is rising. IY, in discussion with Liam Kritikal Powers, Jim Gilroy, Dan Stapylton and CRI’s Paul Hayley have decided to make an additional film which will present some of the recorded recovery inspirations by the group. The audio statements will go underneath some still photographs of the Art Work and shots of the process. Another asset to the campaign. Watch this space!

Post Production



The Post production process is now well underway at IY Studios. Kev Curran is editing the narrative of the film sequences together whilst Daniel Stapylton scores an atmospheric soundcape to enhance the feel of the film. Liam Kritikal Powers is also spending some time at IY, reviewing the spoken word elements of the audio recordings. Not long now to the premiere!

Film Production



IY’s first outing with our new Camera Kit and using new production methods to raise our game once again. Working with Award Winning Film Director Kev Curran the group had created a tight shooting schedule and were looking forward to the challenge. Whilst group members were not involved in directing, shooting or acting they were in the booth with Audio Producer Daniel Stapylton and Liam Kritikal Powers recording their poetry and recovery reflections to the highest standards. This is going to be BIG! Watch this space!

“What a good day! The action has been fast all day, but it has been hard work.”

“We started out taking shots of the people moving around the main person, but the point of seeing how to do this sort of thing, we now know how it works in like television. It’s been a hot day but it has been fun with CJ and Kev and the rest of the crew. I have had the best time of my life, and these young men who have put this film together are to me inspiring. They have let us use their cameras and they are expensive they explain how to use and how to get people into their places It’s great just to be around them”

“I hope that this film will give others who have not come to CRI yet will see what you as an individual can do and may give them the inspiration to come and get the same feeling that I have now hot, tired, but full, I have had a great day, a good 3 or 4 weeks learning how to put this film together meeting new people and making new friends. If you can come and do it.”

“Its sad the course is coming to an end. Its been an unbelievable experience that ill never forget I’ve been very privileged to have been invited for the experience. Can’t wait to meet the gang again all the guys at inspired youth are epic as well!! Never met any decent funny and cool peepz in my life massive respect inspired youth keep up the good work!”

“Its been a really epic experience from start to finish and i’ve met some really wonderful people through it. The main highlights for me have got to be the stencil work we did with jim and seeing / being involved with the filming proses for our campaign and cant wait to see the finished product. There is 1 small down side which is Kev and CJ i’m gonna miss them but hope i have chance 2 work with them again in the future”

Pre-Production Session


During Today’s session it was time to pull all the creative ideas together into the form of a film narrative.   The early work around experiences of the recovery journey had inspired the canvasses created with the help of Jim Cereal.   In turn these canvasses had inspired the lyrical work with Liam “Kritikal” Powers.   Now, using story board sheets and the rough segments of lyrical narrative the group worked with award winning Film Director Kev Curran and  began to fill in the detail of what we would be shooting, where and when.   We also found some time to update the BLOG with reflections and photos of the group’s handwritten Poetry notes which they shot with a Macro Camera lens before adjusting them using Adobe Creative Suite software.

Reflections by Never Alone

its hard for me to write about what i’ve learned it’s easier to say what i’ve gained, new memories new friends and new experiences that i need to reflect on, the feeling of being part of a team is a new sensation to me and brings up some new emotions all good ones finding a new sense of self worth and managing to keep myself out of it and work together with my friends every time i leave leeds i go home with a smile on my face and a feeling of contentment?

Reflections by Bad Boy Done Good

its all going really well at the moment jim cereal and liam kritikal powers were awesome to work with really down to earth. c.j and kev are real cool aswell. can’t wait to see and hear the finished article it will all be worth it in the end i’ve met some amazing people while doing this and would recommend it to anyone try something new live a little its really inspiring and helps people in the process… c.r.i and inspired youth changed my life?

Reflections by Big Boy

My reflections of this course are making new friends and seeing that i am not the only one who has had an addiction. Doing any thing like this just fills me with fear, because i suffer from Dyslexia and writhing or reading in front of people just fills me with dread. However I have learnt a lot about the world of film and sound, also how pictures can tell the story better than I can. I hope that this film does some good to the people who are still out there and have not got that point of no return.



In this session the team worked with rapper and artist Liam ‘Kritikal’ Powers to explore methods of lyricism which they could apply to their own stories about recovery. It was a lively session and some really powerful writing began to emerge. They will work with Kritikal again in the next session where they will be developing their powerful and profound words into poetry, ready for the production stage of the project.

Aerosol Session Group Feedback


WAZZA:: Today was brilliant! I really loved doing the spray work for our project, it’s all coming together beautifully.

MOHAMMED ALI:: Today we have been spray painting and it was ACE!! Got some really good friends here now and I am loving every minute of it. CJ, Kev and Jim are brill!

BADBOYGONEGOOD:: Well pleased with the graphic art, it was all I thought and more, can’t wait for the finished product.

BIG TRUCK:: Really enjoyed the stencil art work with Mr Cereal, the process was interesting and the final product was sensational!!

NEVER ALONE:: Been a real experience, I found when I am enjoying something I learn as well. The art work is amazing. The people I’ve met are all winners! Today the day has flown, gutted were not back next week, so thanks to everyone for making me feel a part. The lie is dead.

GAMER2501:: Never done stenciling before but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The finished canvases look amazing. So proud to be a part of it!!!

Aerosol Session with Jim Cereal


As the project gained momentum, it was time for the group to turn their ideas from concepts into a striking series of colourful canvases conveying the recovery journey. The team used their previous discussions around experiences of addiction and recovery as the backdrop to a series of images using various paint pens. They each took a role in the aerosol spraying of their previously designed stencils which take viewers through the various changes along the recovery journey.

Group Feedback


As the group prepared for the stencil painting session we asked them about their reflections on the project so far. This is what they had to say…

What are your thoughts on the project so far?

WAZZA:: Great project, love it. I’ve met some great people and it’s really sparked my creativity. Something I thought I lost years ago. I never lost it. Its been nurtured back to life.

ELLIOT:: So far ive really enjoyed myself throughout this course. Met some great people im really looking forward to see how it progresses

BADBOYGONEGOOD:: Im loving the inspired youth project its very inspirational and im learning a lot. The team is well cool cant wait to start with the spray paint and stencils. Keep it up everyone down there!

MRS G:: I’m struggling to engage att the moment think im suffering from group fatigue at the minute due to being involved in a few different groups recently.

MOHAMMED ALI:: So far I am really enjoying this project, we are learning to stencil art and spray paint which will end up being a brilliant way to help other people in recovery hopefully start a new better life. Cant wait to shoot the film!!!

GAMER2501:: I’m enjoying this course for mainly reasons making new friends but the main reason im enjoying it though is ive gained recognition and stopped feeling like I was the only one with a problem with cannabis

BIG TRUCK:: Being involved with inspired youth and this project for CRI is an amazing experience and I cant wait to see the final product

ANON:: This project has made me look at what I can do. It’s made me think about different styles of artwork and has made me think of writing poetry which I may be good at.

NEVER ALONE:: Considering last week-end I was trying to think of an excuse to get out of coming to the project, I can’t believe how much my thinking has done a u-turn! I couldn’t wait to get here this morning, I feel part of a team, I’ve met new people who are becoming friends, and im really enjoying it. Cant wait until Friday.

Stages of the recovery journey


The final concept for the groups series of art work revolves around the different stages of recovery. The teams ideas revolve around their interpretation of the recovery journey which is broken into 5 stages. Below is a series of words that the group felt represented each stage of the journey.



Self Belief.



Stencil Concepts with Jim Cereal


In this session the team have been working with street artist, Jim Cereal. The team drew on their previous discussions to create a series of concepts emphasising the stages of a recovery journey. Inspired by examples of Jims work the team worked together to agree on a striking concept for their artwork and began sketching up designs for their series of stencils to highlight the recovery journey. In the next session they will be bringing their ideas to life on canvases with Jim Cereal, keep checking the blog for images of their work. 

Key Messages


As the campaign gains momentum the team began discussing the key messages associated with recovery and recovery journeys. Below is a selection of some of the groups ideas:

  • It is possible!
  • Path of recovery to suit the individual
  • Choose it – your option, it’s down to you to want it
  • Persistence and consistency
  • Growth
  • Taking control
  • Freedom and peace
  • Community, and belonging in it
  • Rebuilding family
  • Back in society
  • Drug free – helping others and running groups.
  • Love yourself again
  • Promote recovery in the community
  • Structure in your life
  • Leave people behind
  • You can only do it for yourself

Campaign Development


A lot of ground has been covered by the group during the first two sessions. We have discussed some essential marketing principles to help towards achieving the NOCN Qualification Unit (3 Credits at Level Two) on offer to the group. We also discussed some key components of the campaign including: 5 Stages of Recovery and Recovery Lifecycles which you can see by clicking the links or visiting the pages above. With a little help from a box of donuts and plenty of brews the group was full of energy and passionate about the task ahead!

Meet the Team!


Inspired Youth are privileged to be working with a great group of people brought together by CRI. They have come all the way from Hull, Sheffield, Warrington, Stoke, Widnes & Runcorn. You will hear from the group as we go through the campaign although their identities will be kept anonymous. Here they are as drawn by each other (without looking at their page whilst drawing!)

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Starting the Recovery Story


And so it begins!   Over the next few months Inspired Youth will be working with a group of inspirational rolemodels from CRI projects who are recovering from addiction and making a positive impact in their communities.   We will be using arts and media to empower the group to tell their stories of recovery for the benefit of other service users. You can follow the project by checking this BLOG.